“When Karen is my aide, she stops and tells me she will be taking care of me and is everything alright. She notifies me if there is a change in her timetable, and she knows my likes and dislikes and we adjust. My day with her assisting me is a pleasure and makes my stay here easier.”

  • E.G., patient

“I would like to recognize the entire staff at Mercy Rehab on 27th & Mitchell. This staff has shown me and my family there is a place to go where the staff is outstanding in the care for the patient and their entire family. They go above and beyond their jobs when it comes to the care of their patients and family in every aspect. I cannot thank them enough.”

  • Delores, family member

“When I first came here I couldn’t even lift my feet. After receiving physical and occupational therapy, I am now on my way home walking! I received very good care here from the staff and volunteers.”

  • Esther Matheson, Rehab graduate